St.Peters Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Cathedral
1, Bhai Vir Singh Marg, New Delhi - 110001, India
Youth Association

St. Greegorious youth association of the Cathedral was formed right in the early days of formation of the church. During the construction of this cathedral, youth members contributed very actively. In the period between 1983-1996, youth association worked very hard for fund raising for the Cathedral’s construction. Most of the cathedral construction fund has been raised by the youth association through various activities like Ganamela, film shows, Drama, Donor Coupon, Lucky draw, Carols, Fete, etc. with the full support and coordination of the all church members and their family, friends and all well wishers.

Youth members currently focuses on helping the needy and many different initiatives are on-going in that direction.

Office Bearers:

Youth Association    
Secretary Vice President Treasurer       
Sijo M George Dn. Jerin Jacob Josu Jacob    
Youth Joint Secretary Joint Treasurer      
Joint Secretary Joint Treasurer      
Jeffy Mathew Sam Christy Reeba Stephen      
Internal Auditor Media Coordinator      
Eldo Alias Manoj Monachan      

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